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  • Get full vehicle specifications
  • Automate vehicle data processes
  • Validate vehicle information
  • Cleanup your database from misspellings and other human based errors

and save costs, time and money!

Vincario is a leading VIN Decoder API service with a 🌐 global coverage.

"decode": [
    "label": "Make",
    "value": "Ford"
    "label": "Model",
    "value": "Galaxy"

 + 48 more vehicle details:
  "Vehicle ID",
  "Model Year",
  "Product Type",
  "Fuel Type - Primary",
  "Number of Gears",
  "Emission Standard",
  "Manufacturer Address",
  "Plant Country",
  "Production Stopped",
  "Engine Manufacturer",
  "Engine Type",
  "Average CO2 Emission (g/km)",
  "Number Wheels",
  "Number of Axles",
  "Number of Doors",
  "Number of Seats",
  "Front Brakes",
  "Rear Brakes",
  "Brake System",
  "Steering Type",
  "Rear Suspension",
  "Front Suspension",
  "Wheel Rims Size",
  "Wheel Rims Size Array",
  "Wheel Size",
  "Wheel Size Array",
  "Wheelbase (mm)",
  "Wheelbase Array (mm)",
  "Height (mm)",
  "Length (mm)",
  "Width (mm)",
  "Rear Overhang (mm)",
  "Track Front (mm)",
  "Track Rear (mm)",
  "Max Speed (km/h)",
  "Maximum Trunk Capacity (l)",
  "Minimum Trunk Capacity (l)",
  "Weight Empty (kg)",
  "Max Weight (kg)",
  "Max roof load (kg)",
  "Permitted trailer load without brakes (kg)",
  "Check Digit",
  "Sequential Number"

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Supporting the TOP Brands in the Automotive Industry

Typical use cases

Fleet Management

Identify all your vehicles in order to measure CO2 emissions, understand the ratio of electric vehicles to your fleet or expand your services globally.

Telematics Solutions

Decipher a VIN obtained from OBD2/CAN bus protocols to recognize a vehicle specification for further app communication and settings.

Car Rental & Car Sharing

Simplify a vehicle onboarding process with vehicle specification pre-filled based on a VIN code lookup.

Car Insurance & Leasing Services

VIN lookup vehicle type, make, model, model year, engine details and transmission to properly calculate vehicle insurance or leasing costs.

Automotive Aftermarket

Decode a vehicle identification number to get correct spare part identification.

Data Automation and VIN Validation

Automate vehicle data submissions, save time, reduce human based errors and misspellings by pre-filling vehicle data into application form using a VIN lookup service.


Grow Your Revenue

Boost your sales with accurate vehicle identification based on a VIN Decoding.

Save Time & Costs

Automate data processes. Speed up vehicle onboarding in your system. Become a leader in the automotive industry.

All vehicle types

Identification of Passenger cars, Vans, Trucks, Buses, Trailers, Motorbikes, Tractors, ATV Quads and other vehicle types Worldwide. Extended support of European and North American vehicles.


Uptime 99.9% API results in milliseconds verified by AI API call charged only once GDPR protection.

VIN Decoder Worldwide Coverage


Prepay VIN Decode API lookups. In case of expected higher volume, please reach out to our customer service for further assistance. They'll build a custom package that will fit your needs.

  • Free

    $0.00 USD
    • 20 VIN decode Lookups
  • Small

    $50 USD
    • 200 VIN decode Lookups
  • Enterprise

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      Monthly Invoicing

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VIN lookup API Easy Implementation

The implementation takes less than 5 minutes with full REST JSON API.


$apiPrefix = "";
$apiKey = "YOUR_API_KEY";   // Your API key
$secretKey = "YOUR_SECRET_KEY";  // Your secret key
$id = "decode";
$vin = mb_strtoupper("XXXDEF1GH23456789");
$controlSum = substr(sha1("$vin|$id|$apiKey|$secretKey"), 0, 10);

$data = file_get_contents("$apiPrefix/$apiKey/$controlSum/decode/$vin.json", false);
$result = json_decode($data);

Follow API Documentation for more details.

Github repository

More code examples also in various programming languages can be found at Vincario Github

Make (formerly Integromat)

VIN Decoder FAQ

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Why is Vincario VIN Decoder better than others?

Vincario has developed its own VIN Decoder algorithm based on machine learning which is trained on a national vehicle databases in order to decode all vehicle details encoded into a VIN by its manufacturer.

Data decoded from a VIN are furthermore enriched for more vehicle information like fuel consumption, fuel tank capacity, emission standards, width, length, height, weight etc. by pairing multiple vehicle catalogs and car databases.

This solution helps companies to quickly identify vehicles and provide necessary vehicle details for further data processing.

VIN API Support

Still not sure whether The VIN Decoder API will fit your needs? Let us know via Contact page. Our customer support is ready to answer all your questions.